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Quarter-Life Crisis

Imagine having the Mid-Life Crisis but 20 years earlier than it should happen. It has been termed as the Quarter-Life Crisis because it happens to people in the 20-something age bracket. I have no idea if the term is used by other people but i recently had a conversation with a college friend who has just reached her 21st year and has told me that she feels sad because she doesn’t feel satisfied with her life. Ah… the symptom of the crisis. I believe it is normal for people to question one’s direction in life especially during times when we experience drastic changes in it: graduation, changing jobs, ending a relationship… We get to the point where in we actually ask ourselves where we are headed and whether that direction is actually going to give us the satisfaction we crave. I’ve had the crisis at around my 20th year but it lasted for several months and ended only after a complete change of scene was achieved. I was under a deep depression during that time and was suicidal before it ended. I oscillated between shunning company completely or craving for it deeply. It was very frustrating. Nothing i did seem to give me anything worth continuing. But it ended. And life was happier and fuller when it did. It wasn’t that bad. I can actually look at that period now as a much needed slap-in-the-face. It woke me up and made me more focused, more determined. I think it’s God’s way of saying, “Hey, do you want this to go on or do you want Me to change you?”… And when He change things, you’ll have to change along with it! As for whether you changed for the better or for the worse, it’s your call. You can drown in your misery or you can stand up and fight. I almost drowned but someone made me realise that my life was still needed and i can’t call my life complete unless i’ve spent the rest of it with him. Okay… this is getting mushy… Anyway, to my friend who is experiencing this, i will be here to help. Even if it’s only a hug along the way. I may not be able to give you much wisdom but i can stay with you until it has passed. Then we can laugh together at how we were so worried about so small a thing.


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